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LPR Assessments

Our comprehensive suite of assessments offers a unique blend of introspection, teamwork analysis, and benchmarking. These assessments are designed to encourage self-awareness, foster team synergy, and promote consistent improvement. They provide actionable insights for individual growth and team development, becoming the foundation for transformative change.

6 Daily Question Reports

Our 6 Daily Question Reports serve as a personal barometer for leaders. This tool encourages leaders to ask themselves six key questions each day, promoting self-accountability and continuous improvement. The collected data provides valuable insights, enabling leaders to track their progress and make necessary adjustments.


Team Assessment/Benchmarking

Our Team Assessment and Benchmarking tool provides a comprehensive overview of team performance relative to established standards. We offer seamless integration into your organization's existing system or our evaluation platform. This data-rich resource supports strategic decision-making, helps pinpoint areas for development, and drives targeted team growth.

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