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About Us

The Leadership Plan Review (LPR) process was born when Marshall Goldsmith and his longtime client and friend, Alan Mulally, former CEO of Boeing Commercial Airplanes and Ford Motor Company, realized that Alan’s legendary Business Process Review (BPR) was an organizational version of what Marshall had been doing with individual executives for decades. At the start of the pandemic in 2020 – when the entire planet moved from face-to-face coaching sessions to shelter-in-place videoconferencing – Marshall recruited World’s #1 CEO Coach, Mark Thompson, to convene and facilitate sessions LPR sessions with dozens of the world’s highest impact women and men who they had been coaching for years from every continent, from global CEOs and Broadway stars.


Now it’s YOUR turn to experience the powerful benefits of a unique program an opportunity to collaborate with other high achievers, hold each other accountable, and share experiences and resources to overcome challenges in your personal and professional lives. Our mission is to empower you to strike a balance between your career objectives and personal well-being, ensuring that you excel in all aspects of life.

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