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LPR: Month 1

Welcome to Month 1. Here’s a structure for each of our calls. Each of these seem simple, but not easy to for high achievers like you to prioritize:

  • LPR EQ: What is your emotional state right now? Ask the six daily questions. Marshall will join at least monthly.

  • MBO: What major objective will you deliver this month, and does it fit in your 12 month plan?

  • Skills: Review Stanford classes. What’s your objective for each and the progress you’re making with them. Great online live course on creating the pitch.

  • Talent: Who are you hiring and developing to build the first of your companies?

  • Pitch: Steve Jobs started with one great product and company that proved to investors, employees, and the public that he was different. 

Getting Started with LPR

Recommended Resources 

Mark & Marshall - How to Get Promoted

End of Month 1 Check-In: (To be completed at the end of each month)

Thank you for completing your Check-In. Your insights and reflections are essential to your growth throughout the LPR program. By submitting this check-in, you're taking an important step towards tracking your progress and identifying areas for continued development.
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